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Ronaldo wants Manchester United fans to continue to oppose the Glazers

According to Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Glazer family - Manchester United owners - are not interested in expertise and just want to make money from the club.
Christian Steward
By: Christian Steward
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"The Glazers are not interested in the club in terms of professional sports. Manchester United is just a commercial club," Ronaldo said in a newly revealed segment in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan broadcast on TalkTV channel. "The Glazers just want to make money from marketing activities, not really care about the club."

The current owners of Manchester United are Joel and Avram Glazer, the two sons of Malcolm Glazer, who took over the club by gradually buying out United shareholders and passed away in 2014. The Glazers used to have to borrow about $848 million, according to the principle of financial leverage, when acquiring Man Utd for more than 1 billion USD in 2005. That debt was assigned to the club itself. From 2010 to 2020, Manchester United must pay the Glazers more than $ 1.133 billion in interest, principal, and dividends.

The Manchester United's current owners, Joel and Avram Glazer.

Ronaldo revealed that he had never communicated with the Glazers when asserting that the owner of Man Utd had given all the authority to run the club to the President and Sports Director. The Portuguese striker also urged fans to continue to protest against the ownership of the Glazers, as they have done for many years. "The fans are always right. I think the fans and the players should know the truth. I want the best for the club. That's why I returned to Man Utd," the 37-year-old striker emphasized.

The owner of the 5 Golden Balls emphasized that Man Utd's facilities have not changed since he left in 2009. He also said that Man Utd is being beaten by the top clubs in the Premier League at the moment, including Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, are far behind and will not be able to catch up to the top level in the next two or three years.

Ronaldo also denied maintaining a friendship with Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville - two former teammates at Man Utd - after receiving criticism from the duo recently. "Everybody has their own opinion, but they don't really know what's going on," he said. "For example, like what happens inside the training ground, at Carrington or even in my life. They also have to listen to my point of view. It's easy to criticize, especially when you don't know the whole story."

CR7 also responded to Rooney and Neville in the interview.

The Portuguese superstar was also dissatisfied when the Man Utd board questioned the reason for his absence in the pre-season training. In April, Ronaldo experienced a great shock when he announced the death of one of his twins with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. Three months later, Ronaldo's daughter contracted bronchitis and was hospitalized for treatment. The Portuguese superstar does not want to leave his family to join Man Utd, because "it would be unfair to leave relatives behind."

In some segments of the 90-minute interview with Morgan broadcast on TalkTV on November 13, Ronaldo also accused Man Utd of betrayal, affirmed that he did not respect the current coach Erik ten Hag, and criticized the previous coach, Ralf Rangnick.

The full content of the interview will be divided into two parts and broadcast on the evenings of November 16 and 17, London time. According to British newspaper Sportmail, Man Utd must prepare for other offensive shares from Ronaldo.

Christian Steward
Written by: Christian Steward
Christian Steward is an Exclusive Reporter for Betimate with over 10 years of experience in conducting reseach and analyzing data in order to provide approriate statistics for Betimate's Board of Experts.

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