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Arsenal- Legendary of the FA Cup

When it comes to the oldest football competition, we talk about the FA Cup. And when it comes to the FA Cup, we definitely think of Arsenal, which is known as the all-time legendary. In this article, we will find out the journey of Arsenal in the FA Cup, especially in this 2021 season.
Frenkie Tran
By: Frenkie Tran
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FA Cup fundamentals

There is something basic about the FA Cup we should understand first before knowing what Arsenal has done in this biggest and oldest national football competition.

What is FA Cup?

The Football Association Challenge Cup, or simply known as the FA Cup, is a knockout football competition involving English and Wales clubs. It was found in 1871, so now the FA Cup is the oldest national football tournament in the world. 

The FA Cup is organized by the Football Association, hence its name. Since 2015, this competition has been also called The Emirate FA Cup. 

FA Cup trophy

How does the FA Cup work?

The FA Cup is a knockout football tournament, which means if a team loses in any match, they are out of the competition, and two teams will only officially meet once in the entire competition. In the situation of tied matches, they will be replayed only once to find out the winner. If it still doesn’t break the tie, shooting penalties will be applied. 

Basically, there are 12 randomly drawn rounds before the semi-finals and the final take place. The first six rounds are in the Qualifying Competition, and the rest belongs to the Competition Proper. The higher ranked the club is, the later round they will enter. Take a look at the table below for detailed information about rounds in the FA Cup tournament.

FA Cup round format


New entrants at this round


No. of matches

Qualifying Competition

Extra-Preliminary Round

Level 9 and 10 clubs



Preliminary Round

Level 8 clubs


First Round

Level 7 clubs



Second Round

Level 6 clubs


Third Round




Fourth Round

Level 5 clubs


Competition Proper

First Round

Level 3 and 4 clubs



Second Round




Third Round

Level 1 and 2 clubs



Fourth Round



Fifth Round












Arsenal in the FA Cup

So the most exciting part is right here. Let’s deep dive into this Giant in the English football system and see how successful they have been in the FA Cup. 

Arsenal information

Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club in London, England. It was first introduced to the football world in October 1886, as Dial Square, now Arsenal also has another nickname as The Gunners

During their career, Arsenal has confirmed their position in the English football system particularly and in world football generally. Especially, in the period between 2003 and 2004, millions of football fans in the world couldn’t forget The Invincible Arsenal, who set an English record for the longest top-flight unbeaten league to run at 49 games in total. 

With a long history, Arsenal has been managed by more than a dozen coaches. However, the longest and most successful manager who stuck with the team was Arsène Wenger. This wonderful man used to coach their boys for more than 20 years, from 1996 to 2018 and led Arsenal to numerous victories: three Premier League titles, seven FA Cups, and seven Community Shields. Currently, The Gunners is run under the control and management of Mikel Arteta, a Spanish football manager born in 1982.  

How many FA Cups has Arsenal won?

14 FA Cup titles are an impressive number in the career of Arsenal. This English team is considered the king of the competition. Let’s take a look at the table below to track the achievements of Arsenal through many seasons of the FA Cups.

Arsenal achievements in the FA Cup's history





Arsenal 2-0 Huddersfield



Arsenal 1-0 Sheffield United



Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool



Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool



Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United



Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday (replay)



Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle



Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea



Arsenal 1-0 Southampton



Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United (5-4 on penalties)



Arsenal 3-2 Hull City



Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa



Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea



Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

You can also see the following graph to make a comparison between football clubs who have ever won the FA Cup trophy in their career. Followed by Arsenal is Man United with 12 times crowning for the FA Cup champion. 

Is Arsenal out of the 2021 FA Cup?

Unfortunately, yes. It would be extremely sad news for the Gooners- a nickname for their fans all over the world. In the 2020-2021 FA Cup, Arsenal only had one chance to defeat Newcastle by 2-0 in the third round, but they were then beaten and out of the competition due to the loss with Southampton by 0-1. With the rough start in the game, Arsenal has lost its chance to lift the FA Cup trophy this year.

Arsenal & Southampton match highlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVauvGVRJzI&t=145s

Southampton defeated Arsenal by 1-0




Frenkie Tran
Written by: Frenkie Tran
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Overall table PTS GP W D L GF GA +/-
1 Arsenal 50 19 16 2 1 45 16 29
2 Man City 45 20 14 3 3 53 20 33
3 Newcastle 39 20 10 9 1 33 11 22
4 Man Utd 39 20 12 3 5 32 25 7
5 Tottenham 36 21 11 3 7 40 31 9
6 Brighton 31 19 9 4 6 37 27 10
7 Fulham 31 21 9 4 8 32 30 2
8 Brentford 30 20 7 9 4 32 28 4
9 Liverpool 29 19 8 5 6 34 25 9
10 Chelsea 29 20 8 5 7 22 21 1
11 Aston Villa 28 20 8 4 8 23 27 -4
12 Crystal Palace 24 20 6 6 8 18 27 -9
13 Nottm Forest 21 20 5 6 9 16 35 -19
14 Leicester 18 20 5 3 12 28 35 -7
15 Leeds 18 19 4 6 9 26 33 -7
16 West Ham 18 20 5 3 12 17 25 -8
17 Wolverhampton 17 20 4 5 11 12 30 -18
18 Bournemouth 17 20 4 5 11 19 42 -23
19 Everton 15 20 3 6 11 15 28 -13
20 Southampton 15 20 4 3 13 17 35 -18