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Brazil vs. South Korea WC 2022 Post-match Analysis: Dancing into the quarterfinals by Samba

Brazil vs. South Korea Post-match Analysis: Brazil demonstrated why they are one of the brightest candidates for champions when they gained the ticket to go to the quarterfinals with a 4-1 win against South Korea.
By: Leey
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There have been many stories in recent days about the coming of a new world order after African and Asian representatives performed admirably in the group stage to advance to the round of 16. However, all the matches that happened in the knockout round demonstrated that the new world order still remained.

Korea's baggage when entering the match at dawn this morning (December 6) with Brazil in the 1/8 round of the 2022 World Cup was six defeats and only one win in 1999 out of seven friendlies against South Korea with the "Samba dancers." All football fans know that Brazil is a stronger team than South Korea, but with the performance shown in the group stage, including 90 minutes of showing great will and fighting spirit to come back to win 2-1 against Portugal, many football fans believe that the "Taegeuk warriors" will cause many difficulties when reunited with Brazil.

However, South Korea quickly failed before Brazil’s attack. The Brazil vs. Korea match is probably the most disparate match in the 1/8 round. The South American representative proved to be overwhelmingly strong, and everything only needed to be wrapped up in the first 45 minutes.

Brazil celebrated scoring concecutive goals

Neymar returned, and Brazil immediately forgot the disappointing defeat in the final round of the group stage. The familiar attacking quartet has also been re-established, with the head coach Neymar in the 10th position, the left winger Vinicius, the right winger Raphinha, and the striker Richarlison. And after less than 30 minutes of rolling the ball, 3 of the 4 names mentioned above have scored.

Raphinha quickly dribbled the ball on the right before stretching horizontally in for the first goal in the seventh minute.The ball reached Vinicius' feet, and, after a moment of contemplation, he placed his heart precisely in the high corner to open the scoring.


Vinicius Junior had the first goal for Brazil at 7th minute

Not having time to find the balance, 4 minutes later, Korea received a second goal when Jung Woo-young was slow, lacked focus, and fouled Richarlison in the penalty area. Neymar did not miss this opportunity to increase the score for Brazil.

Neymar had the first goal in the World Cup 2022

Losing by two goals, Korea showed quite weak resistance. Brazil's third goal showed the complete dominance of the "Samba dancers." In the 29th minute, the phase that popped up like no other between the four Brazilian players was ended with Richarlison's easy close-range finish. It seems that the Korean defense is no longer focused on playing football, but they are completely caught up in the enchanting "jumping" that Neymar, Raphinha, Vinicius, and Richarlison... show on the field of 974.


Richarlison had the third goal in the World Cup 2022

All hope for South Korea collapsed when Brazil scored the fourth goal through Paqueta in the 36th minute.

Paqueta made a goal to increase the score to 4-0

Among these goals, the Asian representative also created a few dangerous situations, such as Hwang Hee's long-range efforts, but Alisson played so well.

In the second half, Brazil was no longer eager to score. Coach Tite made changes in turn to keep the pillars strong and at the same time "warm up" the tactical reserve's good players: Alves, Bremer, Martinelli, and Rodrygo respectively replaced Militao, Danilo, Vinicius, and Neymar. He even made it possible for No. 3 goalkeeper Weverton to enter the field and enjoy the World Cup atmosphere.

Taking advantage of the opponent's laxity, Korea scored an honorable goal. The unexpectedly beautiful long shot of the substitute Seung-Ho Paik caused Alisson to go into the net to pick up the ball for the first and only time.

Seung-Ho Paik scored honorable goal for South Korea

Winning the final 4-1, Brazil proudly won tickets to the quarterfinals. Their opponent in the next round is Croatia, the defending runner-up.

For South Korea, they had a wonderful journey in the World Cup 2022, starting with a win against Portugal, holding Brazil goalless in the second half, and scoring a stunning late consolation goal through Paik Seung-Ho. Asia officially has no remaining representatives at the biggest football tournament.

Written by: Leey
Leey is the reporter for Betimate. She currently has a series of articles about football. She specializes in researching football data to come up with evaluations about the tournament and predictions about the matches.

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