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Was Lionel Messi injured after the win over Croatia?

Although Argentina has just reached the final of the 2022 World Cup, football fans worried when Messi seemed in pain in the semifinal match against Croatia.
By: Leey
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Before the 2022 World Cup semi-final, fans predicted that Argentina would face many difficulties when facing Croatia, but Messi's brilliance has smashed all doubts. Messi scored the opening goal on the 11-yard mark before launching two assists that allowed Julián Lvarez to score a brace and seal a 3-0 victory, advancing Argentina to the World Cup final in 2022.

Messi opened the score for Argentina vs Croatia

When South American fans were still not excited about Messi's sublimation, all had to receive negative news.It seems that Messi is experiencing an injury, specifically in the hamstring area.

Particularly, Messi felt uncomfortable and had to constantly rub his back thigh area with his hand throughout the match. According to Goal, the player on the PSG payroll is likely to have a hamstring problem.

Messi constantly rubs his hands on the back thigh area

Fourfourtwo describes "El Pulga" as no less than once embracing the left hamstring region. After scoring the opening goal at the 11-meter mark, the former Barcelona star continued to repeat this action. Even, after the break, Messi showed even more signs of pain. Cameras caught the moment Messi limped and continued to rub his hands on the problem areas of his body. However, Messi did not let this affect him. He constantly plays and has a great influence on the field.

Messi continued to show signs of pain

When asked by a reporter how he felt after the match, Messi replied: "I feel very good. I feel strong and ready to play in every game. It's not easy going to the World Cup tired, but the whole team has regained its strength. We played a strong game."

However, football fans did not need to worry about Messi’s pain. Information about superstar Lionel Messi's injury after Argentina's victory over Croatia in the 2022 World Cup semi-final has been clarified. Recently, reporter Gaston Edul of the Argentine television channel TypC Sports posted on his personal Twitter page that Messi has no problem at all. The star did not even have to check his thighs again. Information from reporter Gaston Edul is completely reputable because he is the person who has been in contact with and followed the Argentina team the most during the 2022 World Cup campaign.

Reporter Gaston Edul had an interview with Messi after the match between Argentina vs Croatia

Argentina fans were relieved by the information provided by an ESPN Sports Channel reporter. Argentina's star and biggest hope is Lionel Messi. He is the main factor that may help the Tango Dancers reach the 2022 World Cup championship after 36 years of waiting.

At this time, Messi has an impressive form with five goals and three assists for Argentina in the quest to win tickets to the 2022 World Cup final.

Against Croatia, Messi had one goal and one assist. Not surprisingly, he was chosen by FIFA as the best player of the semi-final at Lusail Stadium. This is the fourth time at this year's tournament he has been honored.

Currently, Argentina's opponent in the 2022 World Cup final will be determined after the second semi-final between France and Morocco.

Written by: Leey
Leey is the reporter for Betimate. She currently has a series of articles about football. She specializes in researching football data to come up with evaluations about the tournament and predictions about the matches.

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