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Newcastle F.C. logo: How many crests have the club changed?

Every football fan is curious about the logo of their admired football clubs. They want to know the story behind it and the meaning of what is featured on the crest. In this article, we will delve into Newcastle logos over time to see what is special about them.
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Newcastle United fundamentals

This first section will give you an overview of Newcastle's history and achievements from their inception to the present.


Newcastle United Football Club is a professional football club based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The club was founded on 9 December 1892 and joined the Football League the next year. They are currently playing at St James’ Park, the sixth-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom and the oldest and largest one in North East England with a 52,305 capacity.

They have spent 88 seasons in the top light competition Premier League as of July 2020 and never been relegated below the second tier in the English football league system. In 1999, they were the fifth-highest annual revenue-producing football club in the world, and second in England after Manchester United. In 2015, they dropped to 17th position.

Newcastle United champion

League honors

Since 1893, Newcastle have won four League titles, six FA Cups, one Charity Shield, one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and one UEFA Intertoto Cup. They reached their career peak during 1904-1910. The below honors will give you a detailed look at the season and achievements that Newcastle have obtained since their founding.

1. Domestic

First Division/Premier League

  • Champions (4): 1904–05, 1906–07, 1908–09, 1926–27
  • Runners Up (2): 1995-96, 1996-97

Second Division/Championship

  • Champions (4): 1964–65, 1992–93, 2009–10, 2016–17

FA Cup

  • Winners (6): 1909–10, 1923–24, 1931–32, 1950–51, 1951–52, 1954–55

FA Charity Shield

  • Winners (1): 1909

Sheriff of London Charity Shield

  • Winners (1): 1906–07

2. European

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

  • Winners (1): 1968–69

UEFA Intertoto Cup

  • Winners (1): 2006 (Outright Winner)

3. Other honors

Texaco Cup

  • Winners (2): 1973–74, 1974–75

Anglo-Italian Cup

  • Winners (1): 1973

Newcastle United FC logo

The crest of each football club is not just what appears on their uniforms, but it shows us the spirit of the club as well as captures the symbol of their city. Betimate takes a look at the badge of Newcastle United over time to see what it has changed in different periods of time and the meaning along with these adjustments. Let’s check it out!


In the first period from the inception of the club to 1968 (76 years), Newcastle United appeared with the emblem that featured three towers, referring to the fortress founded by Robert Kurtgez, the son of William the Conqueror. These fortresses of England served as a defense against the Norman attacks. 

Two seahorses on the sides of the logo represented the strong connection between the city and the sea. The name of the club was featured at the top of the badge, while the bottom inscription was written in Latin Fortiter Defendit Triumphans, which translates into English as triumph by brave defence. In general, the inaugural symbol of Newcastle was pretty colorful with many features.

Newcastle United logo 1892-1968


In the second stage, the badge of Newcastle United FC was basically retained as the original version, but a bit simpler. The tone of color was a bit brighter with the main features still two seahorses and three towers. However, the inscription of the club’s name was reduced. 

Newcastle United logo 1969-1976


The totally new version was released in 1976. The logo was designed in a round shape. The central element was still the Castle Keep with a blue hue. The wavy lines below the fortress represented River Tyne and the connection between the sea and the city. There was a magpie in the middle of the crest, which led to the nickname of the Newcastle United F.C. as “The Magpie”. 

The outer ring had a black color and featured the white inscription of the club name “Newcastle United Football Club”. 

Newcastle United logo 1976-1983


This is the simplest version in the history of the Newcastle United F.C. emblem. There were only two primary colors of black and white. The bold black letters stood for Newcastle United F.C., with the “NUF” in the top and the bottom upturned letter “C” to cover the little magpie.

Newcastle United logo 1983-1988

1988- present

Since 1988, the Newcastle United crest has returned to the original version with a slight difference in design and color, however, in general, it looks quite similar to the first emblem. Two seahorses hold the shield with the black and white stripes inside. The royal lion with the flag of St. George is placed on the top of the shield. The Latin inscription is replaced by the name of the club, and there is not a magpie anymore, but this nickname is still maintained until now.

Newcastle United logo 1988-present

125th-anniversary crest

There was a special design for the crest of Newcastle United in order to celebrate 125 years of existence in the 2017-18 season. Basically, the emblem looked the same as the current version (since 1988). However, the main colors were gold and silver and there was an additional inscription of 125 years at the bottom of the logo.

Newcastle United logo 125th anniversary





Harry Siuu
Written by: Harry Siuu
a specialized football specialist with over ten years' experience as a football journalist who works for Betimate.com.

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