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Atletico Madrid logos, where the symbol of Madrid is featured

During the club’s history, Atletico Madrid have changed their logo numerous times. Betimate will present all the emblems of Atletico Madrid over the periods and the stories behind them (if there are any) so that we can understand more about what has been featured on their coat of arms.
Harry Siuu
By: Harry Siuu
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What are the Atletico Madrid logos over time?

1903- 1911

The first design for Atletico Madrid’s badge was released in their inaugural season in 1903. It was a simple circular logo in blue and white with two letters “A”  (stands for Atletico) and “U” (stands for Ursa, which was the original name of city Madrid) interlacing in the center of the logo.  

In general, this first emblem was completely different from the rest of the logos of this Spanish football, in both shape, design, and color.

Atletico Madrid logo 1903

1911- 1917

The second pattern was another unique logo that stood out from the other emblems of the club. It was designed with no frame. A red and white striped flag wrapped over a brown football. On the flag, there were two letters “CA” in the left corner. This was meant to refer to Club Atletico, with the “C” in bold and wrapped around the “A”.

This logo appeared on the players’ coat of arms for six years. This was not a long time, but the red and white striped pattern has become one of the staples in their later logo designs and even on Atletico’s home kit.  

Atletico Madrid logo 1911

1917- 1932

The 1917-18 season marked a twist on a new design for the emblem of Atletico that has been mainly used in the next periods and until now. It was a shield-shaped logo that was divided into two parts. The right section featured the familiar red and white striped pattern but in vertical. 

In the triangle segment on the left of the logo, there was blue bold with seven white stars and the iconic symbol “the bear under the tree” of Spanish city Madrid, which is the homeland of the club. 

Atletico Madrid logo 1917

1932- 1939

In this period, the emblem was basically retained from the previous stage. The slight difference was the tone of the color, which was brighter and there were more vertical stripes on the right segment of the crest. which was increased from four red stripes to six. 

Atletico Madrid logo 1932

1939- 1942

In the next four years (1939-1942), Atletico witnessed a totally new logo. This change could be explained by the fact that the club were merged with the National Aviation team after the civil war in this country.  

The shield was in a special that looked like an aircraft and had a red background. In the center of the logo, there were a winged gray badge with a yellow fan in the middle and a decorated golden crown with green and red gems placed above the badge. 

Atletico Madrid logo 1939

1942- 1947

The new logo released in this period was a combination of the two previous designs. Accordingly, there was no frame and only the large winged gray badge being featured as the base, and the shield in the 1917-1932 period once again appeared but with sharper edges. The crown was larger but its design remained. It was placed on top of the shield. 

Atletico Madrid logo 1942

1947- 1950

The 1917-1932 design came back to this period because, in 1947, Atletico Madrid ended their relationship with National Aviation. However, the shape of the shield was basically changed, which was narrower and pointed in the bottom part.

Atletico Madrid logo 1947

1950- 1970

From 1950 to 1970, the entire design of the club’s logo was adopted from the 1917-1932 period, before the Civil War. They looked the same in general, back to the round bottom. However, the color was more subtle and paler.  

Atletico Madrid logo 1950

1970- 2016

A twist on the design of the previous emblem represented the willingness and power of the team to move forward and win. The frame was bolded in golden color and all the edges were sharper. The bottom part was pointed at this time. This was also the longest-used logo in the history of Atletico Madrid, with 46 years. 

Atletico Madrid logo 1970

2016- 2017

In the 2016-17 season, the crest of the club was basically the same as in the previous stage, but the outline color was replaced by blue instead of gold. This slight change created a more balanced and professional look to the badge. The tone of all the colors was also lighter and subtle. 

Atletico Madrid logo 2016

2017- present

The latest design that is still used in the present has the main features remaining. The symbol “the bear under the apple tree” was in the same blue color with the triangle section and the whole shield outline. The upper part of the logo is slightly arched. 

The symbolic bear and tree were also placed in the opposite way compared to the last design. The bear is now standing on the left of the tree instead of on the right. The tree was not featured the whole size, but only half which gave it a stylish look.

Atletico Madrid logo present




Harry Siuu
Written by: Harry Siuu
a specialized football specialist with over ten years' experience as a football journalist who works for Betimate.com.

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