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Top 10 exciting matches in World Cup history- Part 1

There have been 21 periods and 900 matches in World Cup history. In this tournament, football fans have witnessed many top encounters. There have been matches that have rewritten history because of great goals as well as memorable moments. Let’s look at the top 10 best matches according to World Soccer magazine’s survey.
By: Leey
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The 1950 World Cup had a unique format in which the top four teams from each group competed against one another. The teams with the highest score after a round robin would be crowned champions.

Before the final matches, Brazil was leading the group after having outstanding results against Sweden (7-1) and Spain (6-1). At the time, the Selecao needed only a draw to win the World Cup. Even the Samba nation's press has already printed articles about the home team's victory.

The best terrible thing that happened to Brazil was witnessed by 200 000 spectators at Maracana Stadium. Despite having the lead thanks to Friaca's goal, Brazil suddenly lost 1-2 because of goals from Schiaffino and Ghiggia.

In this tournament, Uruguay won the championship. It is one of the most regrettable matches for the Brazilian national football team.


The 1966 World Cup was memorable for many reasons. It may be the disappearance of the trophy, which is then found by a dog, or the first time the World Cup is broadcast to other continents. The most memorable aspect of this tournament, however, is the final between the host England and the mighty West German team.

After the official time and the first extra time, the score is 2-2. After that, Geoff Hurst's shot bounced off the bar. Line referee Tofiq Bahramov thought that the ball had crossed the line, giving England a 3-2 lead. The goal advantage gave motivation for Hurst then  to score another goal that help the Three Lions to the championship. Although England won the World Cup by a two-goal separation, people will remember that contentious ball, which may have harmed West Germany's mental health but served as an inspiration for England at the time.


England was the defending champion at the 1970 World Cup. However, they were not appreciated in the matches against Brazil, which owned Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Carlos Alberto.

Despite being constantly under pressure from opponents, England tried their best and played an unforgettable game in Mexico. In the climactic encounter against Brazil, the England team had exciting memories, especially two impressive moments.

The first one is an unbelievable save by goalkeeper Gordon Banks after Pele's header. At the 10th minute, Jairzinho pitched the ball on the right wing and then swung it in for Pele to bounce high and head into the right corner of the England goal. Banks was standing in the middle of the goal at that time, but he reflected like a flash of lightning, and the man quickly punched the ball, and it bounced off.

The second one is Bobby Moore's perfect tackle against Jairzinho.

Despite the excellent game, Gordon Banks or Bobby Moore could not save the Three Lions from defeat when Jairzinho took advantage of the opportunity to score in the 59th minute. At the end of the 1970 World Cup, Brazil was crowned champion, and England was eliminated in the quarterfinals.


It's still the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, but the main characters are Italy and West Germany. The two giants of world football in this period created a classic confrontation, which is still called the "match of the century."

Italy and West Germany entered the matches as the top teams in their respective groups. England, with Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Martin Peters, and Geoff Hurst, and West Germany, with two stars in Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller, produced an impressive match in which two teams had interesting goal chases.

After eight minutes, England took the lead thanks to a goal by Roberto Boninsegna. The Germans tried to equalize but failed. Moreover, Germany's captain Franz Beckenbauer had to suffer a collarbone break after a foul. West Germany then used two substitutions, so Beckenbauer decided to stay on the field to continue playing, using a rope to wrap his dislocated arm.

In the 90th minute, Karl Heinz-Schnellinger, West Germany's left back who played 47 games for the national football team, scored a goal to make the score 1-1.

The match thus entered extra time, and this was the time the drama reached its peak. Gerd Muller gave West Germany a 2-1 lead in 94 minutes, but Tarcisio Burglich equalized four minutes later, and Luigi Riva put Italy ahead in the 10th minute. Gerd Muller scored again after five minutes of the second extra time to equalizer the score 3-3 . But while the television cameras were still busy replaying Muller's goal, Gianni Rivera was in the West Germany penalty area to catch Boninsegna's pass and make it 4-3.


The 1982 Brazilian team is still acknowledged as the greatest team that failed to win the World Cup. And the main reason is that they have to go home after the encounter with Italy in the second group stage. This was actually a match where Selecao completely dominated and lost only because of one name: Paolo Rossi.

Paolo Rossi had an unbelievable hat-trick against Brazil. In the 6th minute, an Antonio Cabrini cross went to Rossi's head and Italy took the lead, but Socrates equalized at 1-1 just 7 minutes later, thanks to a slight mistake by the Italian defense. At the 25th minute, Rossi cut the Brazilian defender's pass in the opponent's half before going past goalkeeper Waldir Peres and making it 2-1. However, Brazil equalized at 2-2 in the second half thanks to Junior's long shot. If Brazil maintained its score, they would have the ticket to the next round thanks to the difference.

However, in the 74th minute, the Brazilian defender played poorly, allowing Marco Tardelli to shoot the ball through many feet in the Brazilian penalty area. The ball went to Rossi, who quickly turned around and kicked at the first touch to knock Peres down, forcing Brazil to overflow in the remaining minutes but failing. Final score: "Paulo Rossi" 3-2 Brazil

This game was crucial in Italy's World Cup victory in 1982. Rossi led all scorers with six goals, five of which were scored on the first touch with the exception of a cut for the goal. 2nd against Brazil. Rossi went from sinner to hero of Italy, and the Italian was crowned after 44 years of waiting.

Written by: Leey
Leey is the reporter for Betimate. She currently has a series of articles about football. She specializes in researching football data to come up with evaluations about the tournament and predictions about the matches.

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